What is Inner Story Coaching?


What kind of story are you writing?

Our story is the action we take.

What are you doing with your life? Are the steps you’re taking making you feel fufilled? Do you smile when you wake up?

Our story is the voice in our heads.

Is the voice in your head a friend or enemy? Is it rooting you on? Or is it telling you that you’re a failure? Does it get you excited to try new things? Or is it telling you your dreams are impossible? Inner Story Coaching is all about changing that voice. Drop the story that kicks your ass everyday. Get one that helps.

I.E. Kick the Villain to the curb.

He doesn’t belong there. He isn’t you.

Its hard to relate to people when there is a whole bunch of negative crap in your head. How are you supposed to keep your lovely girlfriend if you are wallowing in self pity? Or judging her on every tiny thing she does?

We are in this together.

Happiness comes when we connect with each other. Is the story you are writing about your life one where the hero triumphs? Or is it a tragedy?

Inner Story Coaching is a way to bring out your inner hero.

Heed the call! Your journey is about to begin. With our powerful coaching programs we can join you every step of the way. Get the guidance you need to be your best self possible.

And better yet, learn to be your own guide.

Inner story coaching is all about finding your true north. Finding the direction you want to go and going bravely into the night. Sure its messy, but now you have allies.

Powerful ones at that.

With nearly a decade of meditation experience ranging from traditional to new age practices we have tried it all.

So you dont have to.

Get tailor fitted with a meditation practice built for you and coaching to get you exactly where you want to go.

Don’t journey alone. Join us.