Single Story Session

90 MINUTES $150

One on one spiritual mentoring unlike any other you have experienced. Have Kyle weave stories to help you unravel your inner mystery, find your creativity, authenticity, and joy for life. Webchat and in person available.

Three Moons

9 sessions 90 MINUTES $1000.00

Sometimes a a story here or there just isnt enough to turn to the next chapter in our lives. Often we need to touch base many times to unravel the mysteries in our lives, at least until they start becoming fun to brave on our own! Purchase three moons worth of story sessions (9 sessions) and enjoy continued work with Kyle as he weaves tales of healing and change. Get a plan customized to your needs, beliefs, and desires and work with Kyle for every step along the path. In person or web chat, and nature walks available! Inquire within for details.


Nature Walk

120 MINUTES $200 

Kyle's one on one mentoring in nature. Nature helps inspire us and ground us. Coming back "home" to our authentic self often starts with coming back to where we came from, Mother Earth! Meet Kyle in a state or local park and enjoy nature and story together!


Meditation Class

60 MINUTES $75.00 

Learn the basics of meditation with Kyle. Meditation is an essential tool towards self discovery. Use Kyle's Story and the meditation technique together to begin rewriting the narrative of your life.