Life changing wisdom without the mumbo jumbo.


Picture this: “You open your eyes in the morning excited that you woke up. Yes! You get to live another day. You take a deep breath and love who you are right now. You hop out of bed ready for what ever the day has to throw at you. You get to work and feel nothing but kindness and warmth for the co-workers who normally piss you off. You talk to your family without any venom in your words. You are completely in the flow. One moment to the next moves like a river cascading down. You feel comfortable just being yourself. Its not a dream. Its Possible”




1x 90 MINUTES inner story coaching per month $125

Stuck in foreign lands? With the scout package you can feel secure in knowing you can call on a guide once a month to make sure your compass is pointing to true north. Receive a life coaching session each month to keep you on the path.


2x 90 Minute Inner story coaching session
1x custom meditation class per month
$225 per month (Save $75)

Strap on your pack its time for an adventure! In this level of service you begin to feel the power of inner story coaching at its true potential! With 2x Coaching sessions per month PLUS custom meditations tailor fitted to you, avoid the pitfalls of the solo spiritual adeventurer. Removing the guess work from the journey and move forward towards freedom and joy.


3x 90 Minute Inner story coaching session
1x custom meditation class per month
$325 per month (Save $100)

SERIOUS EXPLORERS ONLY! Get deep with a subscription plan to take your practice to the next level. With this package you get 3 coaching sessions per month and custom made meditations to get you blazing the right trails. Big mountains require big leaps of faith! Dont climb everest alone! 


 Custom Meditation Class

40 Minutes single meditation class
(Requires MINIMUM Scout subscription)

Meditation is the meat and potatoes of the journey. Whether it be sitting, laying down, or walking we can find the right practice for you. Ditch the complex visualizations and mile long mantras. Get simple meditations to keep your everyday practice fresh. If you are subscribed scout level you can purchase a single class. Or step up your subscription level to get it included!