Is it a tragedy or does your inner hero triumph?

Are you suffering from anxiety? Anger, shame, or guilt? Are you depressed and don't feel like getting out of bed? Or do you feel like you are on the path but just dont know which direction to go next?

One on one mentoring with Kyle can help begin the process of change.

Sometimes all we need is a single word to begin an entire new life for ourselves. Our one on one Story Sessions are the guidance you have been seeking. Story Session's are one on one and group counseling sessions where I show you insight that I have gathered along my path.

My whole life I have been able to tie a story to the little (and sometimes not so little) truths that I have found along the way. People have come to me since adolesence seeking spiritual advice and until now I had not understood why. When I tell a story, something changes in people. Whether it be conscious or subconscious people close to me know this and come to me time and time again. Some thanking me years later for what I was able to show them.

I have found my way out of crippling anxiety, being thrown uncontrollably by the waves of emotions in relationships, and unrealistic expectations of myself and others. All without the help of drugs, or western medicine style therapy.

Not that I hadnt tried it.


Years of therapy and medications yeilded nothing for me and the minute the psychiatrist or psychologist was off the clock I was done. I felt like a product not a person. Through my mentor and meditation I found all that I wanted was a friend who loved me and had insight on the path to guide me on my way. Now I am finally ready to take the mantle.

After years of meditation and results, I have started offering my personal program to help others get what I wanted so dearly, for so long. Let me be part of your adventure to awareness. Let me be part of your story.

- KW