How do we continue to strive, when all the life seems to be sucked from our passion. How do we rally in the face of adversity? Ultimately its about understanding our fear. Digging deep underneathe the torrent of thoughts that bombard us each day telling us that we are fake, a fraud, that we are incapable. and see the scared child underneath cowering.

“I am afraid.”

Once we recognize our fear we can see thats really the direction that we wanted to go all along. Its in that vulnerable open space that we see the truth. We dont want to get hurt, to fail. We dont want to expose ourselves and our soft belly to brambles and thorns of our society. To the internet where we know people are brutal. But the world needs us.

I am a huge follower of Marie Forleo. Today watching her piece on her secret to writing she talked about a story where in the depths of her self doubt and the agonizing process of creating her next book, that a follower of her previous book let her know how much it changed her life. That was a defining moment for her, it let her know that the journey was worth it. That the work can change someones life.

I have found the same thing in my life, that people have come to me telling me how much I have helped them, and for me it was so easy to disregard. “Maybe they just dont know what they are talking about” (how egotisitical is that?). “They are just less enlightened” (that one is subconscious). No. How could we possibly know if that true? We cant see through their eyes, not really. I dont care if you are intuitive or you are empath, you simply cannot know what truly happening all the time with other people. They have their own story. Ultimately all we can do is ask questions and listen for the truth behind the words. Even then doubt is healthy.

Why not risk getting your voice out there? You arent going to make it out alive. Why hide in a shell trying to protect yourself from imaginary hurt. You are so much bigger than you. You are a force of nature and are connected to every other human being on the planet. You are contributing to the greater collective consciousness. Your truth is unique and could be enduring far beyond your flicker of life on this planet. Jane Austen’s work is still being read over two hundred years after her death. 200 years after her death. You have no idea how you will impact the world. From what I understand she wasnt even a big hit then, and now her story has shaped the way love stories have been told for the last two centuries.

You are bigger than yourself.

Do us a favor and show up.

- KW

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