The Universe Doesn't Care What You Want

The Universe Doesn’t Care What You Want

Before you all scream “NIHILIST!” take a look at what I have to say.

Ok so I am not the unequivocal, uncontested voice of the universe. However the breadcrumbs that have lead me here lead me to consider the very real possibility that the universe is more interested in my needs, rather than my wants. Just like every good story, the hero (Thats YOU) starts off with a desire. A target they are trying to reach. Often times stories (in my opinion the best stories) involve the hero needing to arc, meaning the hero needs to change the perception and behavior in some way, to rise above the challenge, slay the villian, or get their needs met. Often times this means they have to get dragged kicking and screaming and eventually crumble away until we hit our all is lost moment.

How can I go on?”

The hero is the farthest from their goal. There is no hope in sight. The villian too powerful, too intelligent, (even if the villian is just in their mind) and the hero is simply not strong enough or prepared enough to meet the challenge.

Then from some supernatural shift in awareness or perception the hero unlocks the key to something inside. Something the hero always sensed within themselves but didnt know how to express. In other words they tap into their innate nature and let go of all that wasnt them.

I find myself struggling at the bottom now. Or shit I may be on my way down.

This novel I am tackling, and this project storieswithkw seems to large. To prodigious to even begin to get what I want out there. I am completely out of my comfortzone and I feel alone.

Just like most heros I have had an amazing mentor (actually a few) and I can sense that there is something deeper in me but I am just not sure how to unlock it. Well sometimes the answer is simple.

Its simply no big deal.

Your agonizing misery over your current work? No big deal. Relationship feeling sour? No big deal. Relationships where it feels everyone is at arms with each other? No Big Deal.

Thats right because what the universe see’s what we cant sometimes and that we have to go through these challenges to able to be the person who we really want to be. To be happy. To be love.

Your wants are simply too small for the universe to care about. Do you know why? Because its not about you.

Imagine that? The universe cares about the WE not the ME. The only real reason that we even care about our wants so bad is because we forgot we ARE the we. We are all connected. You  can see the ripples of something much larger in psychology with the the Jungian collective unconscious and Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. You see it in quantum physics. Science and spirituality are beginning to merge. Old dogma’s are burning away and a new era is beginning. We are awakening.

So when you get upset or angry with how life is going take a step outside and look at whats really going on. Am I opening my heart right now? Am I choosing to have compassion? Or am I stuck in my ego?

If you are anything like me and you are honest with yourself, you will probably find you are focused on ME and not WE in those moments more often than you imagined. Plot twists happen all the time, thats the fun part of a story. So look forward to being wrong about the way you thought it needed to be! Thats the best part.

If you accept and give over to something greater than yourself you will either end up where you imagined but happier than you would have or you will end up somewhere far better than you imagined in a way you would have never guessed.

There is an intelligence greater than ourselves. If we tap into that and allow it to write the story, It will surprise you in the most wonderful ways. Dont worry there is a force that looks out for US. All of us. You just need to open up to see it.

- KW

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