Why being a disappointment is the best thing you can be

Why is it a good thing to be a disappointment? Its simple. As you become more authentic becoming a disappointment for others is naturally going to happen. The nature of being wholly ourselves means no longer living how other people want you to. The same person who may be disappointed and angry at you one day…

May be the very same person thanking you the next!

I have had had it happen to me and if its not them.

It will be someone else.

It has to be, because your special perspective is something no one else can replicate.

People have a hard time looking outside themselves. All they see is their wants. What makes them comfortable. What makes sense to them.

Somehow along the way people got the impression that when we dont agree with them, we are their enemy.

The problem is when we cater to peoples comfortzone to avoid conflict, it can steal away our joy and our voice in the process.

Just because you have an uncomfortable message, doesnt mean it doesnt need to be heard.

Sometimes what we say and do isnt for the people we expect either. However there are people out there that need whoever you are.

The “you” who isnt out there just to make other people feel happy.

You may piss off your friends or parents. Maybe even piss off your girlfriend.

Even if you are completely kind and non-combative!

Because people don’t want kindness.

They want comfort.

Like any great story the hero has to learn that their wants are necessariy their needs. So ultimately if there is something in our heart that wants to sing, we have to sing.

Otherwise we steal from everyone who needs to hear it

Even if they dont like it at first ;)

We walk a spiritual or creative path we have to live for the lives we change.

Not the ones we disappoint.

Sure we can change our behavior. We can have empathy and desire to change.

But ultimately if someone doesn’t want to like us, all the changed behavior in the world wont prevent them from finding a way to have hate us.

Or feel disappointed or angry. When people feel crossed they will find a thousand reasons to try and shut you down.

But you dont need to stand for that. If you have love in your heart, true love, then you wont be steered wrong.

That doesn’t mean that sometimes you wont be wrong/

Or that one day your inner truth won’t change.

But everytime I change and look back and say “wow what a piece of garbage I was” someone is right there to tell me

”You know that thing you did … You changed my life”

So I say live for your tribe. Shine as bright as you can.

Because people who really need you, will thank you for it.

- KW

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