Death Pt. II

As I laid in my bed a feeling hit me. I surrendered deeper into my state of love and connection, and also the acceptance of my mortality. It was there I felt the truth: “Why not leave a legacy that goes beyond this life, if am opening my heart to make others a part of myself?”

To me thats what my practice is all about. Becoming inclusive and connecting with others. Becoming kind. To do this other’s well being must be a part your own. Their joy, their sadness, their suffering, all the things that come with that.

Why not create something that future generations of children will be able to enjoy? Why horde anything when our life in this body is limited to so little time? It was in this moment that death and love came together to create a beatiful picture of connection and inclusiveness.

Life is short and we cannot take anything with us so why bother being greedy? Why bother holding ourselves back from enjoying this life and making something better for all the life that will come after we are gone?

It simply makes no sense to hoard anything. Love, money, possesions, all just temporary things for us to enjoy for a moment. When we are wise we can shape our actions to ripple out for generations to come. As our body perishes our legacy will continue to nourish life everywhere long after we are gone.

- KW

Kyle Westerman