The Less You Know...

The Less You Know

            So many people believe that the more you know, from reading, watching videos, documentaries, and other sources of knowledge means that they understand reality. They “know” how things are in the fields of their study or their particular view on a subject that they feel is important them. I have learned that this idea in our culture to be blatenetly false, at least for me. Sadhguru in a recent article explains that this concept came from our education system. Grades based on memorization. If you are anything like me you may have been scolded for those grades if they were not A+. If we were scoled for those thing then our self worth may have even revolved around them. I know mine did. Even as someone who excelled in class I still wanted to be the best and when I wasn't I felt that I was not good enough.
           Sadhguru goes on to explained how this process robs us of another kind of intellect, one that does not required memorized facts, which is much more vital to society. A large part of that I feel is creativity. The arts are almost frowned upon in our society. Almost all endeavors other than that of being a successful business person, or a lawyer, or doctor is frowned upon. We do not foster our children's innate genius. Sadhguru even goes on to explain that that as we age we actually LOSE intellect and that children have the more than us. You can definitely see this unbridled joyful creative person in any child that hasn't been socialized beyond recognition. That child still lurks within us, wanting us to create, be joyful, and discover the wonders that is all around us. Sadhduru then says that the children are really the teachers, and that the focus of those in schools should be awaken and nurture their inner gifts. I feel deeply that this is true. Like he and Seth Godin mentions, this methodology meant to create obidient factory workers does not work any longer. This subject is very close to my heart and as my development of my business grows I will be releaseing more information on the subject of education reform.
           I have found if the truth isn’t mutable isn’t really the truth, it’s a prison. I know, I lived in that prison the majority of my life. So many people are convinced that their way is the only way. Whether it be religion, spirituality, ethics, science, or any other beliefs. You can see this when people get so emotionally reactive when they are trying to speak to each other about these subjects. This way of thinking is so limited. The truth is the less that we believe we “know”, the more open we are for learning and growing.
            The mind (ego) likes to live under the idea that it can control reality. If it understands something logically and has information its gathered/created to back it up, it uses it as a way of creating a tangible, “concrete” reality. The problem with this is if this mechanism gets too hard, we lose our flexibility and the ability to learn in a deep authentic way. So many educated people live under the false assumption that they cannot learn from seemingly “uneducated” people. They don’t even consider what others say. No matter how many peer reviewed journals you have read or even written to great acclaim, I promise you that you do not understand the true nature of reality here. No matter how many spiritual experiences you have had, I promise you that you do not know the “one truth.” Reality is a mystery.
            The Native Americans called the creative force of nature “Wakan Tanka” or “Great Mysterious”. I love this idea and it has stuck with me all these years. This concept is why I believe comedy is such an important and powerful force. When we can laugh at our beliefs, laugh at ourselves, we have a light heart. The idea of a "Heyoka" resonates with me for that reason, the Lakota people knew that they needed this “sacred clown” to lighten up the process of spirituality and culture. Otherwise how can we evolve and grow? Like the Egyptians believed, I do not think we can truly live in “heaven” if our heart isn’t as light as a feather, and we do that through laughter and not taking ourselves so seriously.
            Life is like a fractal, it continues on, and on, and on, evolving and changing as it does, creating something new each step of the way. This is the nature of truth and nature itself (think Fibonacci Sequence). It isn’t static, this is why you see a new theory in science explaining the nature of reality every week. One idea comes in, and something eventually ends up coming around throwing that idea off of its axis. There was one big bang. Just kidding, there was potentially infinite big bangs. Oh, reality is just chaos, just kidding maybe the seemingly impossible balance of the universe is because its built for life not some crazy accident. People are willing to make anything dogma. This is because humans are so afraid of the unknown, but I promise you that’s where all the fun is!
            You can have moments when you are so open, when the world comes and brings you a new truth, and you feel your body turn to gooseflesh and your awareness heighten. Moments of intense inspiration where some seemingly unknown force seems to guide you from one discovery to the next. Don’t rob yourself of this!
            For many years I lived my life under the false assumption that I understood my spirituality. I had “read so much and learned from amazing teachers! I must know what is best for me!” Subconsciously I believed that I knew what was best for other people too. I was completely inflexible. It wasn’t until my dark night of the soul where I had my entire world torn asunder and had to (literally) face the naked truth of myself, that I was able to let go, BE VULNERABLE, and finally open up to the idea that I don’t know everything. That it wasn’t the world that was cold and un-empathetic and didn’t understand me, IT WAS ME ALL ALONG. My heart opened up and the world opened up to me in return. I remembered all the friends that I had and felt a deep sense of love and connection to them, when before I felt alone like a drifting satellite in space. Alone and ungrounded. All of this because of my deep-rooted fear of abandonment. I learned to accept people for who they were, take responsibility for my needs, and take accountability for my actions!
            You can have all this too if you are willing to be admit you may be “wrong”. The less you know the better. To clarify I am not telling you to stop reading and learning! Follow your inspiration, your joy, your curiosity. All I am saying is be careful when you find yourself reciting something you read and speaking it as the infallible truth, when you haven’t experienced that for yourself. Even if you have, be open to the next layer and the possibility of what you thought was true to be a misconception.
            When the Buddha taught the heart sutra to his students, they studied and trained hard. Just when the students thought that they were beginning to get a grasp on the concept the Buddha told them that everything he had told them was wrong. “But how?! Why would the great Buddha lie to us!?” It is said many of the students perished in that very moment. They died of heart attacks and collapsed to the floor. The Buddha didn’t lie, the truth just changed, as it does from moment to moment. The students couldn’t handle that change. They took themselves and their practice too seriously and died because of it.
            We must be willing to adapt. Your intuition which you believe may be very strong, may just be thought; and I promise you most thought is just garbage. Your beliefs which you have been shown again and again to be true, may shatter in front of you if you are willing open up. Even the wisdom through you experiences may be proven wrong by the changing of the times. Knowledge is reading something on paper. Wisdom is finding what works for you, through experience, and deep wisdom is understanding at the end of the day we really KNOW NOTHING! Embrace this nothingness and be free.

- KW

P.S. I have been working and editing this article for several weeks and then Sadhguru's article found its way to me. Complete synchronicity. Check it out here. Seth Godin also talks about this concept and you can find a video with him and Marie Forleo here. We may know nothing, but sometimes the universe gives us hints along the way showing us the direction to go.

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