Sometimes its as easy as coming back to your breath. All those thoughts that are plaguing you? The emotions that pummel your consciousness like hail stones and knock you off course? Some days all that is required from you is to breathe and to get back in touch with your body. Especially when you are practicing, and that practice becomes ingrained in your breath. When I began to practice the meditation that I created (or co-created or channeled depending on your view.) I had no idea that I would be tapping into something so powerful. My practice

“While i breathe in I find faith”

“While i breathe out I release belief”

began as a creative and simple way to find truth. Now it has become a way of life. It has literally become the way that I breathe.

When I find myself in the throws of emotional anguish, pulled and tugged around by the idea of other’s perceptions of myself, or just by my own intense pain, expectations, or anything that keeps me from opening up, I take that moment to breathe. In those breaths I can feel the false story of my ego dissolve and freedom and peace begin to open. We don’t have to be trapped in our minds. We don’t have to become victims to the way we think or the way that we perceive others (or we perceive other’s perceiving ourselves.) Not much is required of us as human beings and often the solution to our problems are so simple. Our ego tells us stories, compelling ones of our failure’s, of our mistakes, of how we are not good enough, or how more is required of us, but the truth is that all that is required of us is to

Be ourselves

everything else, is simply a lie. We are perfect exactly the way we are, and the way to free ourselves is to breathe -- and to practice. So I implore you. Practice. Whether you do it with someone else, through an app, with music, or in nature - practice. When you find the words that work for you Magick happens. I began this journey searching for truth because with truth I could truly be there for others in a way that would not only benefit them, but also benefit myself. To be able to be shamelessly and effortlessly WHO I AM. And by doing that I am being love. Why?

because Love is who we are

How do I know that?

I can be the type of person at time who takes too much stake in how others perceive me. One day, while working at my job at the gym, I was checking in members at the desk. A woman approached with her friend who wanted to join her at the gym as she was only in town for the day. The charge for this, for non-black card members, is 20$. The woman heard this and asked me if she could just have her friend join her this one time at no charge. Thoughts raged through my mind in that moment, should I stick to the rules and stand my ground, or should be lax and just allow her to go? I decided to stand my ground and within moments regretted my decision. The woman reacted in anger and her friend left being unable to pay. For weeks and weeks, the woman came and every day she visited she wouldn’t even acknowledge me. She merely scanned the card and walked past, only occasionally sparing a glance to grimace in disgust. I was torn asunder. Defeated and dejected, I felt hot resentment and hate begin to build in me. “Why didn’t she understand? Why couldn’t she just let this go?” Eventually my suffering got so severe, that curiosity took over. 'Was what I am believing even real?' So, I did “The Work” a technique from Katie Byron to get to the bottom of what I was thinking. After using the questions and working through all the thoughts something amazing happened. All the hate and anger disappeared and then awareness came into focus. I could feel my essence, who I really am, and it was love. Unconditional Love. In that moment I realized my true nature; and I guessed, and still do, that we are all the same. I mean why would I be so special?

Deep inquiry and a desire for truth leads to freedom. To find that freedom there are a thousand tools at your disposal. Like “The Work” or the simple meditations that I teach and practice, it can be very simple to discover your true nature, to let go, and to BE.

Let yourself be. The world deserves it, and sometimes all you need to do to allow that is

to Breathe


Kyle WestermanComment