How it all began…


It all started with an average day at the coffee shop…

About a decade ago I was sitting at a Starbucks when intuition struck me. All day I had seen the same number over and over. 17.

It wouldnt leave me alone.

But before we go there… we need to go back a little bit in time.

My grandfather and I went on a tour of one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the united states while we were in Boston. The vast and ancient stone structure was completely empty. There were 70 Pews and something told me he is going to sit in #17. It wasn’t a thought but a knowing. Sure enough he did.


Then per our normal ritual we headed to starbucks and I received a receipt of exactly $17.00. Not a cent in change. Also werid.

”Maybe its just a coniencidence” I thought.

As I sat down on on the hard plastic chair I saw a dad walk in with several kids. One of them was a girl wearing some kind of jersey. When she sat down a bright yellow #17 blazed in my face.

”What the hell is going on?”

An andrenaline fueled internet search eventually lead me to a meditation with 17 breaths. The Merkaba meditation. For those of you who are familiar with sacred geometry it is based on an old kabbalah texts and the six pointed star has appeared in other religious media through the ages. It was the light body that allowed us a clean ascent into the higher dimensions… and a shift was coming in 2012. I needed to find who could teach me, and reached out to three local teachers in my area.

Only one responded

He told me about the process and I immediately spilled my guts about all my fears, from the vast powerful life consuming ocean, to the most mundane. He responded with two sentences.

”Things are much simpler than they seem. Just get here.”

That was the moment that lead me to my first mentor. After a seeming string of conincidences I was lead to the right place at the right time. What started as a three day meditation workshop turned into a year long endeavor that changed my life.

And now I want to change yours.

Everyone needs a guide. The landscape of life is rugged, and filled with twists and turns. Its easy to get turned around. To get lost.

To get scared…

But you dont need let fear stand in the way. Change is possible. All it takes is one step to make your way out of the muck and into the light.

And occasionally a hand to help you out when you are stuck…

Drop the Hipster Guru and meet someone real. Someone who’ll be there everystep of the way, and not give you regurgitated wisdom that you have seen on your friend facebook wall with pretty pictures of space or the forest.

Get a Life Coach not a psuedo Spiritualist

No crystals or sage nesecessary. (Unless thats how you get down)
No crazy mantras and mastering other languages
No need to vision boards and positive think yourself into oblivion.
All you need is a desire to change.

To be able connect with others. To live the best life you possibly can.

If you want to love more. If you want to feel good in your skin. If you want to ditch the fear and find yourself somewhere new.

You have come to the right place. Now is the right time.

Ten years of meditation experience, reading, practice, and learning from the masters to help you sift through the garbage. Change the story in your head that is telling you that you aren’t good enough. That you will only fail. And take the next step towards freedom.

This is an actual picture of me.

This is an actual picture of me.